Friday, September 17, 2010

They're Everywhere!

Roses are red
Copy editors are blue
If you saw this many typos
Wouldn't you be blue, too?

Typos – they're everywhere!  I've noticed them for years, but now that I'm actively looking for them – wow!  It's like a grammatical pandemic out there. Grab a dictionary or your favorite style book and settle in for this week's highlights.

From online articles about freelance writing written by freelance writers:

"…give credit where it's do…"  [That should be "its" and "due".]

"…Now it has me racking my brain…"  ["Wracking", not racking.]

A teaser for an online story about the economy and real estate:

"…had to take loan hopping to fix up house to sell it.  [The abbreviated wording of this teaser doesn't excuse "hopping" in place of "hoping".]

From an online story about the recent wildfire in Boulder, Colorado:

"…the roads leading up to where they live is still closed.  [Bad verb/noun agreement.  To the writer's credit, this was corrected in a later version of the story.]

From an online story about suicides in the armed forces:

"The U.S Marines, like other branches…  [How about a period after that 'S'?]

Do you see the common thread?  Each of these was found online.  An insightful reader could infer one of two things: 

a. The online world really, really needs proofreaders.
b. I need to spend less time on the computer.

The insightful reader would be correct on both accounts.  

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  1. ROFL - It's the little things in life that give us joy... and make us more cognizant of our use of grammar as well. "B" applies to me though I can hope that someday we will see more of "A" before the English language has to revert to hieroglyphics rather than beautiful prose.