Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Through, Threw - Does It Matter?

If you can write while you have a headache that makes your head feel like it's the size of a Volkswagen, more super-powers to you! I don't get headaches often, but it's been a crazy past few days (a lot of that going around), the cranium is in full revolt, and right now writing is about as pleasant as doing a headstand on a cactus.

Here, then, is a gem from my little nest egg of goofs and gaffes.

From an August online article about a cooling glitch on the International Space Station:

     "… two space walks might be needed this week to replace a pump module that sends  ammonia threw the station's two cooling systems…"

Last time I checked, ammonia should go through a cooling system. (You didn't know that? Good thing I keep a set of ISS schematics handy…)

Obviously this is yet another instance of sound-alike substitution. It is also another argument for keeping copy editors on staff.

And yes - using the correct word does matter.

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