Friday, September 24, 2010

You Think You're Having a Bad Day?

Everyone makes mistakes.  The trick is to catch your mistake before anyone else sees it -- or before it appears on a billboard. 

And before some eagle-eyed speller takes a picture of it and posts it on Facebook.

And before the photo hits the national media circuit, landing your finger-fumble a forever spot on the World's Funniest Typos list.

(Photo by Lee MacMillan via

This billboard touting the greatness of schools in South Bend, Indiana caught national attention earlier this week after Lee MacMillan posted a photo of it on Facebook.  The Blue Water Group, a company that works for South Bend's redevelopment commission, claimed full responsibility (and embarrassment) for the typo.  Fortunately it was an easy fix -- this is one of those new digital billboards.  No paper or paste required.

Speaking of corrections…

The newspaper responsible for the cooper wire gaffe corrected the headline -- five and a half hours after it was posted -- and deleted comments relating to the typo.

The cooper wire thief apparently is still at large.

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