Friday, October 15, 2010

The Tragedy of Misspeaking

Even on a good day, the news is filled with stories of car wrecks, assaults, murders and other general unpleasantness.  All too often (because, frankly, once is one time too many) the intrepid TV reporters covering these stories botch their own overly dramatic narrative, leaving their viewers in disbelief.  Not disbelief because the story was so tragic, but because their delivery of it was.

Recently, a local reporter covering a murder told how the victim had been "shot and killed multiple times."  Unless this was some sort of paranormal undead thing, I highly doubt the victim died more than once…

Another reporter announced that a person had been "murdered dead."  Imagine that.

The saddest one I've ever seen was related to a tragic accident in which a mother and two of her young triplets were killed.  This reporter proclaimed that "two of the three twins" lost their lives.

For the sake of TV viewers everywhere, let's hope that stupidity is a condition that can be cured.

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