Sunday, October 31, 2010

Tricks or Treats?

Here are some scary typos I found this week -- just in time for Halloween! 

My bank runs a continual loop of ads, trivia, news and other colorful info bits on a flat screen monitor behind the teller counter.  This week they are displaying a greeting to customers:


Mind you, this is no small-text crawler that zips by in a matter of seconds -- the text is about 2-3 inches tall and part of a full-screen, full-color graphic that displays for about a minute on each pass!  I regret that I didn't have my camera with me so I could show it to you.  It was amusing and, at the same time, rather horrifying.

My handy-dandy dictionary confirms that there is no 'e' in "spooky" and shows no alternate spellings.  Interestingly, a quick Google search for "spookey" with an 'e' revealed a musician by the name of Spookey Ruben, the same misspelling of "spooky" on someone's blog, and a dog breeding operation in Croatia called "Angel's Spookey French Bulldog Kennel."

The stuff you can find on the Internet...

The second Halloween-themed bit popped up while I was doing online research for a college history class.  Regarding laws of the Roman Republic:

It was an offence to cast or have a which cast any spells on someone else.

"Offence" is the British version of "offense", so no offense taken by that.  But a pronoun does not cast spells.  Sorry folks -- that's a job for a witch.

Happy Halloween!

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