Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Where Have All the Proofreaders Gone?

That's a question I ask on a regular basis, and it seems I'm not the only one.

This morning I ran across an AOL article about a recent hotel fire in Philadelphia that was a cover-up for a murder. The article said the fire was "put out quickly and limited to (the victim's) room."

Accompanying the article, and placed right at the top beneath the headline, was this photo:

(Photo by by Edward Vielmetti at

Wow. That's a pretty spectacular room and contents fire! A couple of other readers thought so, too.  Kevin S. commented:
OK AOL, please tell us why you chose the picture of what looks like a very devastating fire at the beginning of this story, only to find out that the fire was contained to the hotel room? The picture you used makes it look like the entire city of Philly is going up in flames. Nice!
Wil added:
The picture did confuse me, also. It is of a forest fire in Santa Barbara, CA, and has nothing to do with the tragedy and fire in Philadelphia. Definitely a slip-up by the editor or proofreader (are there such nowadays with instant computer-to-copy?).
My thoughts exactly.

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