Thursday, January 13, 2011

It's Snowing Typos

(Yeah, I know – any attempts to make amusing references to snow will fall totally flat with any readers in the South or East today.  But I'm doing it anyway… <grin>)

Over the years, I've learned which publications can be trusted to produce consistently (or even mostly) error-free copy and which publications cannot – especially at the local level.  For example, my hometown paper, The Gazette, provided a plethora of typos that I submitted to earn extra credit in a copy editing class.

The Denver Post, on the other hand, is a paper I enjoy from both a journalistic and a copy editor point of view.  The Post isn't error-free, but typos and other missteps seem to occur on a much less frequent basis than in my local paper.  When a mistake pops up, though, it's usually interesting.  Here are a couple I found in a story about last week's storm:

The snow piling up this morning is expected to dump up to 9 inches on the metro area…

Take a look at the subject-verb combination here.  As written, the writer is saying that the snow already on the ground is going to dump even more snow on the city, when it's actually the storm that will do the dumping!  Tsk.

Then there's this account of a bus accident later in the story:

...Eight of the 12 ople on board have been taken to a hospital…

I'd like to know what kind of word-processing program missed that one, because it's clearly highlighted in mine.  :-)

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