Saturday, January 29, 2011

Tough Times for Local Broadcasters

If the local TV newscasts I’ve seen over the past few weeks are any indication, we’re experiencing a shortage of correctly spelled graphics and reporters who can competently read a script on camera.

·        A news station that proudly calls itself “the best newscast in Southern Colorado” aired a graphic to accompany a story about the backlog of teaching applications in our state. The header:

“Colorado Fighting Huge Back

·        Another station aired a segment about an unusual protest with air fresheners that happened in the Israeli Parliament. The banner for the video:

“Air Freshner Protest”

·        An anchor on a noon news show announced that unemployment “fell by 37,000 dollars last month.” (That was supposed to be “claims.”)

·        Then there was this header for upcoming news segments:


One of the best ones I’ve heard recently, though, came from a story about the premature appearance of Easter candy on store shelves just before Christmas. In describing the unsettling trend of holiday specific merchandise hitting stores earlier and earlier every year, the veteran reporter noted how odd it felt “seeing paisley shades of candy before the red and green are gone from the stores…”

I’m pretty sure he meant “pastel” shades. Paisley candy, however, is an intriguing idea…

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