Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Life Lesson From the Writing World

Today we’re taking a break from the Perpetual Typo Hunt to check out some advice from literary agent Kristin Nelson. She recently posted this comment on her PubRants blog:

"When you get a rejection, you just have to remember that ALL writers received them at least at once in their careers and where you are today as a writer is not necessarily where you’ll be a year from now. That you will always be learning, growing, and maturing as a writer.

"Being a writer is about the journey. Embrace it."

How true. No one is born knowing all there is to know about writing – or life, for that matter. We are continually growing and learning as we travel life’s mysterious pathways. And there is always more to learn about being a writer.

Enjoy the journey, my fellow word warriors. Embrace it. None of us ever knows how long or short that journey will be.

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