Friday, May 27, 2011

Everyone’s a Writer Nowadays

I have finally begun work on a nonfiction project that’s been rattling around in my brainpan for quite some time. Said project requires research. Said research led me to an online article that exemplifies the state of writing in the modern age: Everyone thinks they are a writer.

Gone are the days when you had to slog repeatedly through slush pile hell for your work to be published. Now, thanks to the Internet, anyone who can coherently string together more than three words can post their work for all the world to see and claim the title of Writer. (Says the blogger—yes, I am well aware of the irony here…)

Granted, there's some terrific stuff out there. But sadly, many who cannot construct coherent sentences can also lay claim to the Writer title—and they do so with alarming frequency.

From a site that provides “Useful, Informative and Rebrandable Content” for web sites and blogs—and doesn’t pay its writers a penny for their efforts, which is another issue entirely—comes these tidbits about how to become a firefighter:

“…firefighting video clips and textbooks … will provide you having a wealth of data with regards to the daily lives from the adult males and girls who combat fire accidents.”

“Their training methods along with the every day actions even though on the work are all rather diverse from one another.”

“Not just will youve a distinctive insiders perspective but youll have the ability to proceed your quest to be a firefighter using a distinct advantage while you glimpse up distinct firefighting academies and camps.”

It’s pretty clear that English is not this prolific writer’s native language, but I give him/her high marks for effort. English is a difficult language to master, and there are many native speakers who can’t do much better! But this poor soul needs an editor.

And web sites like this need to quit posting every submission that crosses their inbox without giving it a much-needed second glance.

The article closes with this keyword oddity:

“In addition do you wish to find out more about airplane close calls ? You should consider our antique fire department equipment web-site.”

I can’t imagine how much I’ll learn about airplane near misses on a site devoted to antique fire equipment…

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