Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Cranky One Abides

Looking back at my past few blog posts, I realize that the low-level crankiness I’ve been feeling lately has slopped over into my writing. I suppose I’m not alone; in addition to daily life, there are certainly enough local, national, and world events to turn even the most even-keeled soul into a full-fledged grump.

Here’s one of the problems I see: Information overload.

Now, I’m not as wired in to the modern age as many people I know. There’s no texting here. No tweeting. No smart phones to interrupt my day with breaking news, hot sales, or spam e-mail. I check e-mail once or twice a day, and I generally limit my Internet time unless I’m hot on the research trail. I’m a reluctant Facebooker. I’ll take paper books over e-books any day, and I like to read the weekend newspaper and watch the news on TV. It’s how I grew up. Some habits die hard.

But even with relatively limited exposure (‘relative’ being the key term), and a growing talent for ignoring the obnoxious ads that reside on every Internet site I visit (take that, marketing department!), I’m feeling overwhelmed by information of every kind, even when I try to avoid it. 

To make matters worse, so much of the information is flawed. Typos. Bad writing. Punctuation abused or missing in action. Misspelled words on news crawls. Incorrect graphics to illustrate a story. A reporter saying that a car lost control and crashed, when in fact the driver lost control of the car and caused it to crash. (That was last night’s news nugget.)

Doesn't anyone give a damn any more?

Since there’s a National Day for everything, I propose we have a National Day of Clear and Correct Communication. Let’s bring the focus back to good, clean, clear and correct writing and speaking.

Just for one little day.

I’m feeling a little more cheerful already.

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