Monday, September 26, 2011

Typo Potpourri

Here’s a collection of goofs and gaffes that my friends and I spotted over the past week.

A news headline spotted on the Yahoo! home page:

Loveland man treated for bite from rapid bat
(Does that qualify as a bit and run?)

An AP story printed in the Denver Post compared the length of the modern patent application and approval process to the length of time it took Thomas Edison to obtain the patent for the photograph.

Edison patented the phonograph, not the photograph. (See? There’s that “one letter makes a difference” thing again!)

In all fairness, the Post published a correction the next day. But I’m still curious whether that was a typo or just sloppy research on the part of the AP reporter.

From a caption on last night’s TV news broadcast:

            Statellite Falls
            (Um. Yeah.)

During that very same broadcast, a reporter narrated a segment about a local organization that helps people keep people and pets together. She kept referring to the group as “Haley’s Hope” while the screen said “Harley’s Hope” in two successive captions. Further confusing the matter, at the end of the piece the news anchor clarified that the reporter should have been saying “Harley’s Hope” all along.

I had to do an Internet search to figure out who was correct; most viewers probably didn’t even waste the brain cells trying. BTW, the group is Harley’s Hope Foundation, and their web site is

Let’s hope all of that confusion by the professional news staff doesn’t keep viewers from supporting a worthy cause.

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