Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Something Doesn’t Add Up

I ran across an article this morning about how to save money on higher education. Even though I am nearly done with my degree, there may be more college in my future, so I was curious to see if there was more I could be doing to cut down on costs.

Turns out the article mostly discussed going to community colleges and state schools to save on tuition. Nothing on how to go about finding used textbooks (a valuable skill that I have mastered), or 101 recipes for ramen noodles, or anything else that might be of use since I’m already attending a community college. But I did uncover a nugget for the blog.

The writer touches on the importance of choosing a degree track that will pay off in post-graduation employment – a good piece of advice, especially considering current economic conditions.

“Saving on tuition won't help all that much if your degree doesn't get you a job. This isn't much of a problem for engineering majors: Seven of the 10 most lucrative majors are in engineering, and the other three -- physics, computer science, and applied mathematics -- are also highly math-dependent.”

Perhaps it’s just my state of mind after weeks of mental gymnastics in my own math class, but doesn’t it stand to reason that the field of applied mathematics would be “highly math-dependent”?

Not an egregious error, but I’m still filing this with the Department of Redundancy Department.

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