Friday, November 16, 2012

A Dirty Dozen

These typos come from a variety of online sources. Enjoy! (Or bang your head on the desk. Whatever you feel is most appropriate.)

Fromer Greeley business owner sentenced for securities fraud

…Some gains been made in women's rights…

She is currently carrying for the dog.

Colorado Springs police have its hands full…

At it's largest, the fire could be seen for miles, "A lot of different people saw it…”

…Police followed up eye witness reports and leads that which led investigators…

We are in sneak peak mode.

We definitely scratched out heads watching the first sixty seconds of this 'math' video.

Beautiful Home Is 211-Years-Old

…they're letting Black Forest voters chose, putting the mill levy on the upcoming ballot.

In that process oil is laid down with lose gravel…

The ricocheted and hit the woman.

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