Monday, November 12, 2012

Another Example of Why Good Writing Skills Matter

Think a mistake on your resume is no big deal? Think again.

Last night, 60 Minutes ran a story about the difficulty that some U.S. manufacturing companies face in hiring competent and skilled employees. One of the companies highlighted in the segment was Click Bond, a fasteners manufacturer in Reno, Nevada, that makes parts for planes, ships, and trains and has the Defense Department as one of its customers.

Ryan Costella, head of Strategic Initiatives at Click Bond, had this to say about problems his company faces in hiring entry-level employees:

“It's those basic skill sets...I can't tell you how many people even coming out of higher ed with degrees who can't put a sentence together without a major grammatical error. It's a problem. If you can't do the resume properly to get the job, you can't come work for us. We're in the business of making fasteners that hold systems together that protect people in the air when they're flying.  We're in the business of perfection.”

Basic skill sets. That’s all they’re looking for to get in the door. And yet many applicants will be rejected because they couldn’t bother to get the resume right.

Good writing matters. 

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