Saturday, December 1, 2012

A Little Logic, Please

One element of good writing that I haven’t really focused on in this blog is logic. But that’s okay, because apparently other writers don’t focus on it, either.

Case in point: These opening lines from an online news story about a fire.

“A small grass fire in Cheyenne Canyon is quickly put out but it may take a while to determine why it began.

“Around 4:30 pm Friday, fire fighters found a car in flames off Old Stage Road. The fire had spread to nearby brush but only scorched about one-tenth of an acre before it was put out.”

The first sentence is telling us that the cause of the grass fire has yet to be determined. Yet the second sentence clearly says that the fire spread from a burning car to its surroundings.

So it’s obvious how the grass/brush fire began: a burning car. What remains unknown is how and/or why the car caught fire.

There was also a typo at the end of the story (were instead of where), but that’s nothing new these days.

Just remember: A little logic can go a long way in the writing world…

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