Saturday, December 22, 2012

No Typo Apocalypse

So here we are on December 22nd, and everything is pretty much as we left it yesterday. Apparently there may have been a significant typo in that Mayan calendar…

Yesterday was not the end of the world, nor was it the end of the road for typos. Here are six recent examples:

- “Correpondent” (the ‘s’ is missing) instead of “correspondent” during a national news segment.

- “Free reign” instead of the correct phrase, “free rein.” “Reign” means to rule; “rein” is a strap connected to a horse bridle that is used to control the horse. To give something “free rein” is to let it run wild or free, just as a horse would if you let go of the reins.

- “The fire broke out at a Duplex…” The word “duplex” is a simple noun, not a proper noun requiring capitalization. The writer apparently thought this particular duplex was pretty darned important, though, because he capitalized it twice in the same story.

- In the same story about the duplex fire, the writer said investigators were trying to determine whether embers “reignighted” and caused the fire. The correct word is “reignited.”

- A fresh headline from a local news station’s website reads, “Boy hit by in leg bullet.” There’s some serious juxtaposition going on there…

- Then there’s a story posted at a different online news station’s website about norovirus making the rounds. The writer advises readers that the virus can be spread by “touching touching a contaminated surface.” Perhaps touching a contaminated surface once isn’t enough.

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