Thursday, January 10, 2013

Time Flies…

…when you’re counting typos.

2012 closed out with one of the most typo-riddled online news articles that I have ever seen. In the writer’s defense, I think he was trying to make corrections, but somehow the old text was left behind. Take a look at these excerpts and see if you agree.

Firefighters quickly doused a house fire at 2629 Paseo Rd.Monday Road Monday afternoon…
The fire was reported just before 3:30. p.m .p.m.
The woman tried to douse the blaseblaze with an extinguisher…
A woman driving by stopped and let the family pile into her Toyota 4Runnercq to keep warm.
… catching newfallen new fallen snow.
This next line is from the same article. It’s not a typo, but an example of something I’m beginning to see more of in news stories: attributing animate characteristics to inanimate objects.
… smoke and flames were lunging from a front bedroom window.
The constant challenge of writing news stories, I think, is how to keep readers interested. Let's face it - there's only so many ways to describe fires, crimes, accidents, and other everyday occurrences. But to say that smoke and flames were “lunging” from a window just seems…odd. The writer got my attention, but not for the right reasons.

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