Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother’s Day

At least one local reporter is confused about apostrophes when it comes to covering local Mother’s Day events. This comes from a local news station’s web site.

The story title:

Six Colorado Springs Mother's to be honored Thursday

The lead sentence:

Six Colorado Springs mother's will be honored Thursday at the third annual Mother's Day Victorian Tea and Tablescapes event. 

I’ll leave the commentary to “Dean,” who wrote in the comments section:

“What exactly belongs to the mothers? Why is ‘mothers’ possessive instead of plural?”

But the fun and games don’t stop there. Commenter “Sammie” added:

“The article says ‘six’...but only five were listed. Was someone left out or is there only five being honored? Just curious.”

As expected, there was no response from the reporter or the media outlet. However, as of this morning, the wayward apostrophes are now gone and the “Mother’s” in the title has been de-capitalized. That’s as good as it gets around here.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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