Sunday, October 13, 2013

Does Anyone Study Geography Anymore?

Not to be outdone by CNN in the News Network Geography Bowl, FoxNews aired this AP story on its website:

Title says the crash happened in "Va." - as in Virginia.

Story says - twice! - that it occurred in West Virginia.

Not to make light of a bad situation, but contrary to (sometimes) popular belief, West Virginia and Virginia (or their abbreviations) are not interchangeable. They are distinctly separate states. You might be surprised to discover how many seemingly well-educated people don’t know this.

History buffs should know that these two states started out as one, but West Virginia became its own state after seceding from Virginia in 1863. (I can tell you from personal experience that these kinds of rifts can make genealogy research quite interesting at times. But that's another story altogether.)

And one more thing. It’s Randolph County, not Randlph County.

Go Mountaineers!

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