Thursday, October 31, 2013

When Misspelling Becomes the Norm

I saw this display at a local grocery store a few weeks ago:

Right off the bat, you're probably thinking (as I was), "Way to misspell 'ghoulish,' guys!"

Here's the scary part. I did a quick Google search and the results indicate there's a lot of people who think this is an acceptable spelling! I'm not saying they're right, because "goolish" doesn't appear in any dictionary I consulted. But hey - we're living in an era where people are encouraged to "do your own thing," so feel free to go forth and misspell at will. (Yes, Sheldon, that was sarcasm.)

Turns out that the grape supplier and grocery chain have teamed up to run this particular holiday promotion - goolish and all - for several years, tying it to a catchphrase about the grapes being "scary sweet."

Catchy and memorable. But it's ghoulish (with an 'h' and a 'u'), not goolish.

And people wonder why kids can't spell.

Have a safe and happy Halloween!

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