Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Trends (Part I)

A few weeks ago, I posted about my waning motivation for keeping this blog going in the face of a daily inundation of typographical crap. However, I’ve decided that huge volumes of grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors can provide insight into current writing (and typo) trends.

The “Writer Does No Research and Has No Life Experience to Rely On” Trend

I realize that not everyone has as many years on the planet as I do, nor does everyone have the wide variety of life experiences I’ve had.

I’m also painfully aware that reporters and writers in this market, which has suffered its share of downsizing, apparently don’t have time to look up terms with which they are unfamiliar.

Case in point:

“…police found a pocket knife, a leather man tool,…”

Now, did that reporter mean a man's tool made of leather (my, that sounds indecent), a tool belonging to a man who is made of leather, or was it a tool trademarked and made by the Leatherman company?

Okay, I admit that’s pretty trivial in the grand scheme of things. But here’s one that had to be written by someone who has never set foot in a rural area:

“’Our cows have a loaf and shed they can go in and sleep,’ said (the) owner…”

A loaf of what? The correct term is loafing shed, as in a shed built for livestock to get out of the wind and, well, loaf. What else is a cow supposed to do on a blustery day?

Stay tuned for more trends in bad writing…

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